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Czech Dreams New Port Line, and Czech Wishes, his current project, are not so much about crafting an Eastern European-tinged music, as Wilkins' songwriting stays comfortably within the world of mainstream jazz.

He does have an impressive trio of Czech musicians with him on this release, and it is clear that the people and culture of the Czech Republic have made bas business angels suisse anti aging an bas business angels suisse anti aging on Wilkins, who was fortunate to get a sabbatical from his teaching duties to compose the nine charts that make up this strong outing. Wilkins has assembled a fine quartet with trumpeter-flugelhornist Miroslav Hloucal, bassist Tomáš Baroš and drummer Marek Urbánek.

As an added bonus, his son Daniel, bas business angels suisse anti aging promising tenor saxophonist, is also part of the mix; previously he teamed up with his dad on Father and Son SteepleChase, It is obvious from the medium-tempo, hard bop-themed opener, "Teacher," that Daniel's rich tenor is an effective counterpart to Hloucal's flugelhorn in comprising the band's two-horn threat. Skip's scampering solo provides a glimpse of his convincing prowess on the keys before turning things over to Hloucal, no slouch himself when it comes to digging-in on an energized solo.

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Daniel gets his own showcase on another mid-tempo groover, "Munchkins of Karlovy Vary," where he displays patience and rhythmic command on a feisty solo which brings to mind a young Joe Henderson. A couple of poignant ballads balance the program; "On the Train" brings out the duskier side of Daniel's tenor, while the wistful "Don't Forget Me" is especially affecting, performed as a duet by father and son in tribute to Skip's parents.

But it's the up-tempo burners that allow the group to shine most brightly, as on the invigorating "The Box-Checkers," where the rhythm tandem of Baroš and Urbánek finds the pocket and stays there, empowering fervid solos from Hloucal, and Wilkins father and son.

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Urbánek takes a few bars at the end of the track for his own rhythmic fusillade, and makes the most of it. The album's closer, "Wise One," is a punchy, hard-swinging piece with stellar comping from Skip Wilkins and the rhythm section underneath Hloucal's tenacious trumpet, before Wilkins stretches out on his last solo of the album.

It's a fine finish to a well-conceived album, with heartfelt devotion to friends and family, far and wide, who have shaped Wilkins so profoundly. Skip is the father and his son, Daniel, is his featured saxophonist on this project. It was developed after Skip Wilkins travelled, on tour, to the Czech Republic and fell in love with their music, art and culture. I think, perhaps it reflects the sabbatical he took from Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania to write a collection of original works.

However,the liner bas business angels suisse anti aging tell me it was written for his Czech language teacher.

For a decade, Skip Wilkins had an opportunity to teach and perform throughout Europe. But it was the Czech Republic that stuck an arrow into the heart of his music. Wilkins has incorporated young Czech musicians into this project. It was January of that year, and he was touring.

He knew what Czech musicians he was going to use, and they are the ones listed above, including Miroslav Hloucal, a virtuoso trumpeter. I enjoyed his solo on the first cut.

Skip Wilkins writes very melodically and plays piano with passionate exuberance. His arrangements leave plenty of room for these musicians to showcase their individual talents.

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Daniel Wilkins brings saxophone fire and energy to the group. Urbanek takes advantage of the appropriate breaks in the arrangement, showing awesome prowess on his trap drums. This is an album full of bright, harmonic horn lines, fresh compositions and inspiring arrangements. All the musicians are skillful and their repertoire covers hard bop, blues, Ballads, and a blend of American and Czech jazz that captivates and entertains. Skip composed all nine of the pieces, and each is dedicated to a person or event in his recent life.

These works follow a stylistic progression from s Blue Note originals to contemporary jazz, and like those works, Wilkins and his fellow musicians have the freedom to expand the harmonic boundaries through their improvisations.

Therefore phase out interest paid on excess reserves. In other words, don't do more stuff, just stop doing the stupid stuff.

Hloucal and Urbánek also turn in impressive solos on this track. The title track is a relaxed work, with the rhythm evoking a springtime walk in Prague, inspiring joyous solos from Wilkins père and fils, as well as Baroš—all of whom must know this area well.

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Highly recommended. Skvělý pianista Skip Wilkins se po přijatém pozvání na jazzové dílny ve Frýdlantu či Lomnici u Tišnova v roce natolik sbratřil s českými jazzmany, že společné nahrávky tvoří podstatnou část jeho CD diskografie.

Nahrávka pražsko-pensylvánského kvartetu vznikla před dvěma lety, kdy se Skip Wilkins uvolnil ze svého pedagogického působení na Lafayette College v Eatonu. Prakticky jde o kvinteto — pátým členem je hostující tenorsaxofonista, Wilkinsův syn Daniel. Skip je autorem všech devíti skladeb a každá má konkrétní inspiraci v událostech a osobách z českého prostředí, což autor v bookletu obsažně vysvětluje. Hvězdou kapely je Miroslav Hloucal, jehož trubka a křídlovka sóly výrazně ovlivňují náladu skladeb.

Dravost sól obou dechařů, Hloucal tentokrát průraznějším zvukem trubky, se projeví skvěle v Munchkins of Karlovy Vary, také v The Box-Checkers. K hardbopové výbavě patří už od dob Johna Coltranea pomalé melodické balady, jak si zde užijeme v On the Train, s úvodním dlouhým sólem saxofonu.

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V duchu hard bopu nechybí ani soulově funkové Reptiles. Album je velmi zdařilé, zcela současně souznějící s dědictvím moderního jazzu, kapela zní sehraně a je vzhledem k zeměpisnému rozhození členů po zeměkouli škoda, že bas business angels suisse anti aging nebude mít vlastní vývojovou historii — což je ale problém obecnější na globální scéně.

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After accepting an invitation to jazz workshops in Frýdlant in and then Lomnice u Tišnova, the great pianist Skip Wilkins befriended Czech jazzmen to such a degree that their joint recordings constitute a significant part of his CD discography.

The recording of the Prague-Pennsylvania Quartet was made two years ago, while Skip enjoyed a sabbatical from his teaching dovoz chine versus suisse proti stárnutí at Lafayette College in Easton.

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In effect it is a quintet — the fifth member is guest tenor saxophonist, Wilkins's son Daniel. Skip is the composer of all nine pieces and each has a concrete inspiration involving events and individuals from his Czech surroundings, which the composer explains in detail in the booklet published with the release.

The star of the ensemble is Miroslav Hloucal, whose trumpet and flügelhorn solos distinctively influence the mood of the compositions. The horn section harmony is also aided by Daniel's tenor saxophone. We meet the range of expression of the quintet in the ch nový obrázek centrum proti stárnutí Teacher, lifted by a lyrical, somewhat dreamy theme, first with the saxophone and then with the flugelhorn.

Ты не совсем понял мой вопрос, - перебил его Ричард, - или же я, быть может, неправильно сформулировал .

The vigor of both horn soloists, Hloucal this time with a bas business angels suisse anti aging striking trumpet sound, is evident in Munchkins of Karlovy Vary and also The Box-Checkers. Since the time of John Coltrane, the hardbop toolkit has included slow melodic ballads, such as we enjoy here with On the Train, with a long, opening saxophone solo.

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The title is a good example of the ambiguities of interpretation: one who does not read Skip's explanation that his inspiration was a train trip from Ostrava to Prague might infer that the inspiration in Daniel's playing comes from "Trane" — as in John Coltrane's nickname.

In the spirit of hard bop there is also the soul-funk Reptiles. The album is very well-done, at the same time totally in line with the legacy of modern jazz. The group sounds tight and it is a pity that due to the geographical distribution of the members around the globe, it won't have its own developmental history — but this is more of a general problem with the global scene.

V edici Bop edition vyšlo na značce New Port Line poslední březnový den nové album amerického pianisty a skladatele Skipa Wilkinse a jeho českého kvarteta. Tentokrát dokonce s hostujícícím tenorsaxofonistou a synem Danielem Wilkinsem. Skip Wilkins má na svém kontě již třináct alb. Deset let působí v Bas business angels suisse anti aging republice jako muzikant i jako pedagog. Na novince reflektuje právě toto desetiletí, hlavně pak svůj vztah k druhému domovu, včetně setkávání s českými lidmi.

Evidentně na ně měl štěstí, což se v jeho hudbě odráží. Sedmapadesátiminutová nahrávka vznikla před třemi lety ve studiu Svárov, což je zárukou kvality zvuku a opět potvrzenou. S hostujícím saxofonistou pak nabývají vrchu dechy, jejichž sazby naplňují vrchovatě hard-bopový háv všech devíti kompozic. Skladbu popisuju takto: Pro mého otce, který zapomene, a pro moji matku, která si bude pamatovat nemilosrdnost Alzheimerovy choroby.

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This time even with guest tenor saxophonist and son Daniel Wilkins. Skip Wilkins has released thirteen albums.

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For ten years he has been working in the Czech Republic as a musician and teacher. This decade is reflected in the new release, especially his relationship to his second home, including his encounters with Czech people.

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Evidently these encounters have been fortuitous, which is reflected in his music. The fifty-seven-minute recording was made three years ago in Studio Svárov, which is a guarantee of quality sound herein confirmed again. With the guest saxophonist, the horns fully reach the heights of the hard-bop style in all nine compositions.

See below for the English Translation, Tři výjimečné počiny Nových hudebních alb stále vzniká hodně a nelze tuto produkci v plné šíři sledovat, ale občas se dostanu k něčemu, co mě zaujme a potěší. Patří sem i tři alba, o nichž bych se rád ve stručnosti zmínil. K této čtveřici se připojil Skipův syn, saxofonista Daniel, který na pár koncertů a natáčení alba přiletěl ze svého amerického domova.

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