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James Flint Dec 14, Until we dismiss our toxic, bronze age religions our progress will be fitful and difficult. Ethics should not be based on fairy stories.

Průlom v přístupu k stárnutí! Bio krém s klinickou studií na ochranu pleti proti IR záření, které způsobuje silné stárnutí pleti denní i noční použití.

Reply A new reply to this comment has been posted. Tom Shillock Dec 14, I seems to me that in order to biomedically target the aging process as opposed to the diseases of aging it would help to have a biologically compelling definition of aging process that that distinguishes it from the diseases of aging and that guides experimental research.

That would seem to be a job well suited to an analytic philosopher. Nathan De age proti stárnutí průlom Dec 13, In my conceptual studies of immortality, I think it is worth underscoring that there are multiple strategies to achieving longevity.

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One is a path to wisdom, minimal fitness and no terrible mistakes, symbolized by age before youth, eliminated by some sort of chronic effort, producing a de age proti stárnutí průlom remainder. Another is sheer fitness, which has been more popular, but poses the problem of strain and rest, which can cause fatty accumulations, as has often been experienced by athletes.

I think stress is under-represented amongst studies of athletes.

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A third method is more similar to vampirism, and represents stimulating the body with drugs, or refurbishing the blood through artificial means. In the best cases it might involve genetic treatments.

A fourth method involves exceptional adaptation such as having an 'immortality threshold', that is, highly specific responses to environment gradually 'affect' immortality.

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This may be prone to sudden changes, eliminating it's long-term benefit, but may supplement other methods. I suspect that if there are other primary methods than these and 'drug' may fit under multiple of these categories ultimately then it involves nobility or grace of some kind, perhaps resulting from specific lessons learned in older age. Certainly an interesting subject. I hope that I've been helpful in clarifying genii Four Genii!

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Jerry Russell Dec 13, The trend suggests we actually need longevity to survive as de age proti stárnutí průlom species. Studies show an increase in quality of life decreases our fertility rate, and the world is on a trend to dip below sustainability within a generation.

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Forget those that scream overpopulation, it's foolish to look at our raw population surpassing 7 billion and suggesting runaway growth. Which in all honesty is better for the universe, greater chance of other species thriving and joining us.

Info and extra reading: The rate of sustainability for developed societies is 2.

de age proti stárnutí průlom

We just discovered a black hole the mass of around 30 billion suns, de age proti stárnutí průlom million light-years away. Our sun could go nova and it would have immeasurably less impact than one molecule of acid in the Pacific Ocean.


The universe will be fine; it's you who are under a death sentence. Luke Parrish Dec 12, I have a conviction about the potential for cryonics research that is similar in some respects to de Grey's regarding antiaging research. I think that perhaps if we funded research into cryobiology, there would be breakthroughs that would lead to being able to put people's vital status on hold, preventing them from aging or feeling suffering.

Contemporary cryonics is not quite like that because of the requirement of legal death beforehand which often involves an extended agonal periodand because the great uncertainty of ever coming back means that most people would not want to enter such a state until in the late stages of terminal illness anyway.

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True medical suspended animation would consist of something that does no damage beyond our ability to repair, and could be entered much earlier in the process or even be used for non-terminal illnesses that are otherwise a strain on resources such as a flu pandemic. On the other hand, the hope of reanimation and anticipation of actually seeing the future does add something positive and irreplaceable for current cryonics cases -- enlivening an otherwise hopeless terminal illness.

de age proti stárnutí průlom

This hope of seeing the future space travel, world peace, and so forth is one of the things about life extension that I find thrilling, in addition to the hope of escaping near-term death.

Zsolt Hermann Dec 10, I think the much more important question is what can we do with those years we spend in this life in a useful, purposeful fashion.

At the moment all we care about how much pleasure we cram into ourselves in a very self centred, self obsessed manner, fully accepting the marketing messages: "you deserve it", "life is only about pleasure", "you need to have this and that The problem is that in the process of chasing as much self-fulfilment as possible we became more unhappy and depressed than ever before, all human institutions are falling apart from the family unit to the global human system.

We even lost our hope for a better future, simply hoping to survive. If we continue like this, by extending human lifespan we simply create an army of zombies wandering around in a very unhappy life for decades.

People have to start figuring out what truly gives lasting fulfilment in today's global, interconnected reality, where people are tied together as in a single family.

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If we managed to figure out this "meaning of life" question this might lead to the solution to the global crisis and all the problems humanity is facing today. However, I'm not convinced that we are all doing so poorly that we should let it distract us from life extension research.

Certainly we can afford to fund the endeavor a bit more. Hope for the future is itself something of an antidepressant.

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