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It has common borders with Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland.

According to the Czech Statistical Ȯce, the country had a population of 10, June Prague is the capital city. The country has a parliamentary democracy with a president as the head of state.

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It is divided into thirteen regions plus the capital of Prague. The Czech economy, which is export-driven, is one of the most stable and prosperous of the post-communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The main branches of Czech industry involve motor vehicles, metallurgy, machinery and equipment, glassware, armaments and, of course, brewing.

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At present, the country has around hotels with facilities that can cater for large conferences. A total of around 2, other hotels have facilities catering for smaller conferences, seminars and other events. Statistics provided by ICCA show that in the Czech Republic hosted meetings organised by international associations. Historic buildings are also very popular as venues for side events like banquets, receptions and excursions. Such venues are available in towns and cities throughout the country.

They alone, however, are just a small fraction of what can be seen and experienced in this country.

Люди встретились в нем с новыми тайнами и чудесами, даже с инопланетянами, но все же не сумели понять, куда и зачем направляется Три странные смерти унесли трех членов экипажа и вызвали на Земле великую тревогу; за ходом исторического полета вся планета следила по телевизорам.

And today seeing and experiencing are vital to the success of every event. Plzeň Creativity and innovation Alternative culture Living in the very centre of Europe at the crossroads of diverse European cultures, the Czechs have had to cope with all sorts of precarious situations.

In doing dokument E104 suisse anti aging they have learned that the most powerful weapons for survival nejlepší taktika proti stárnutí obličeje perseverance, creativity and innovation.

A pritom je nás tak málo. To sa skutočne nemôže neodzrkadliť vo vyčerpanosti a istej dezilúzii. Aj keď sme unavení z toho, s čím všetkým sa u nás v geriatri už roky trápime a aké drobunké výsledky pritom dosahujeme, skúsme sa tomu ešte vzoprieť. Veď aj pekná kazuistika prináša nový pohľad na vec.

Imagination and innovation are also vital in the meetings industry! Alternative culture is thriving in the Czech Republic. And this applies particularly to the art scene.

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Czech creativity often makes way for more basic forms of satire, for which the Czechs have certainly made a name for themselves. And, fortunately or unfortunately, there are plenty more like him in this country! Kristiánov, Jizerské Mountains Václav Havel Airport Prague Open borders Sports and weddings The Czech Republic is part of the Schengen area in Europe, so its borders with other signatory countries are open without the need for time-consuming passport and customs controls. In the case where visas are required for people entering this country from abroad, the authorities are under constant pressure to ensure visa formalities are kept to a minimum.

Maybe one reason is kangen voda a proti stárnutí competitive side of the Czech character.

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The other is that there is no shortage of sports facilities. Immaculate ski resorts, aqua parks, multi-purpose sports centres, motor racing circuits, elaborate networks of hiking and biking trails, and racecourses. Or would you prefer a rather more romantic château?

The Prague Marathon dokument E104 suisse anti aging a lot younger, but it has already begun to tread on the heals of far older events like that of the London Marathon. It would appear that participants are not only impressed by the good organisation and fun accompanying events, but also love stretching their legs in one of the most beautiful old cities in the dokument E104 suisse anti aging.

Major music festivals like Rock for People in Hradec Králové and Colours of Ostrava are also attracting increasing numbers of young people from abroad. As regards sports events, the Grand Pardubice Steeplechase has also won world fame as the most di̇cult steeplechase on the European continent.

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Concert Culture and concerts Diversity The Czechs are a nation of culture vultures. Czechs certainly like going to theatres, concerts, art galleries and museums, but they tend to be very demanding in the process. This means that high professional levels are often taken for granted.

Of course, this means a lot of work for culture organisers and artists, but is great for culture consumers, who can count on world-class performances, exhibitions and the like. Naturally, the Czechs are not only culture consumers, but have also produced cultural giants of world renown. This makes for a fascinating ethnographic and cultural diversity rarely found in such a small country. While top standards can be ensured for events throughout the country, regional distinctions and specialities often add that little bit extra you have been looking for so long.

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You will also discover great diversity in relation to where meeting venues are located. Some people give preference to the historical beauty of old towns and cities. Others prefer venues in picturesque mountain ranges, of which this country has many. The spa industry has also managed to adapt itself to the latest trends and uses its wide range of traditional natural curative resources also in providing highly ĕective wellness services.

Czech spas, many of which are renowned throughout the world, also make for excellent venues for prestigious events and congresses.

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Ĺ vihov Castle Golf Delicious food and drink Today, this country is experiencing a boom in the popularity of golf. You can now play on top-quality golf courses in practically all regions. Golf is now one of the most important sports bringing together the business community. And, as you know very well, it also makes for a wonderful side event for every congress or conference.

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Czechs themselves have always been rather fussy about what they eat, and in more recent times Czech chefs have become particularly fussy about what they serve. The drinks menu will include traditional Czech lager, and a variety of Czech wines and spirits.

And if you want to prepare your digestive system for the treat to come, make sure you order a glass of Becherovka herbal liqueur before you dine. Of course, some give preference to more exotic dishes.

However, when in Rome Professional services Professional services Professional convention organisers in this country might have a creative and innovative attitude, but they are certainly no newcomers to the industry. Over the last twenty years, they have přírodní ošetření proti stárnutí one successful world event after another.

Size, however, is not the deciding factor, as even the smallest conference, training course or seminar requires competent and precise organisation down to the last detail. This country is dokument E104 suisse anti aging small, has good road and rail transport networks and, no matter where you are, you will never be far from an international airport.

Init received the Best Airport in Eastern Europe award in the World Airport Awards based on a passenger opinion survey involving millions of people.

Řídící program Pro řízení procesu kalibrace byl vyvinut program, který ovládá uvedené přístroje a řídí celý proces kalibrace včetně konečného vyhodnocení. Na obrázku 2 je vidět blokový vývojový diagram celého kalibračního procesu. Tento proces byl navržen s předpokladem výroby teploměrů ve třídě A, proto je cyklus dvoufázový pro měření odporů při dvou teplotách.

The country also has excellent road and rail connections with cities throughout Europe. Although the crime rate has increased over the past twenty years, this country is still regarded as a safe destination, with the only real problem being petty theft in the form of pickpocketing in the busy tourist centres.

Compared to most other European cities, for example, Prague is regarded as a haven of peace and tranquillity.

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The Czech Republic is also very low on the list of countries threatened by international terrorism touch wood! The local beer culture also means that the discontented tend to politicise in the pub. It has to get really bad before they take to the streets. For more information and reservations visit czechairlines.

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If you plan an event for over people and up tothe Prague Congress Centre is just meters, connected by a pedestrian bridge. The Panorama Hotel Prague with its rooms is ideally situated in a modern business quarter and just a stone throw from the Prague Congress Centre, only 20 minute drive from airport and 5 minute drive to the center.

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The Events at Panorama offers conference facilities for events of all types. From intimate meetings to international conferences for up to people. According to your requirements, we can arrange dokument E104 suisse anti aging, technical equipment, floral arrangements and meeting programs. All meeting rooms are fully air conditioned and with the wireless internet access.


Our goal is to provide the best service even for the most concerning clients with unique solutions for a successful event. The service of the hotel are complemented by a modern wellness and fitness centre on the 24th floor of the hotel, and a business lounge ideal place to support the needs of business travelers. Kongresová 1, 69 Prague 4 Czech Republic tel.

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