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See 5. All units should be connected to each other on the A and B inputs in parallel on terminal, see Fig.

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This means that several units will have two wires together in one hole. Twist the two wires together before putting two wires into one hole. The total maximum length of this cable between all units is m.

Be careful not to mix A and B connections. To connect a wire use a screwdriver to push Vendlincourt suisse anti aging the orange tab on the side of the terminal.

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Put the wire into the hole and release the orange tab. To connect a wire use a screwdriver to push down the orange tab on the side of the terminal Put the wire into the hole and release the orange tab. Note: Due to the limited amount of holes in the sealing ring of the cable gland, the alarm wire and BMS wire can be combined in a 4 wire shielded cable.

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In the table on the next page is an overview of all menu items. Press any button, except ESC, to enter the menu. When ESC is pressed the unit shows the current requested water temperature.

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The unit will exit the menu automatically after five minutes of key inactivity. The quickstart helps to set all important settings, the unit will start automatically when done. Quickstart is sufficient for normal operations.

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  2. HWAT-ECO (Version 4) - Systec Therm AG

More settings are available in the Setup menu for special installations. Press Enter to confirm your choice.

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Then select and enter the Month, Day, Hour and Minutes. Select the type of cable used in your installation.

The maximum cable length depends on cable type and circuit breaker capacity See installation. Press Enter to confirm.

This is used to set the default values for pipe diameter and insulation thickness.

HWAT-ECO (Version 4) - Systec Therm AG

For more information see Appendix 5. The maintain temperature is the water temperature that you set for normal use.

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The minimum temperature is 37°C or the economy temperature, whichever is higher. The maximum temperature depends on cable type, pipe thickness, insulation thickness and ambient temperature see Fig.

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The programmed maintain temperature can be displayed by pushing the escape key once the system is in operation. The minimum temperature is 37°C in Kinder garden and 41°C in apartments and the maximum temperature is the selected maintain temperature.

During this time a row of dots will show in the display. The boiler temperature is measured with the external temperature sensor. If the boiler temperature is too low the maximum temperature is lowered to the boiler temperature minus the trace temperature.

In this case the green trace boiler LED will be on. With this setting you can switch piscine hors sol suisse anti aging sound into different modes: continuous, 10 minutes, 1 minute, 10 seconds or off.

With ESC it is piscine hors sol suisse anti aging to retrace all menu items to check the settings.

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